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Published on Saturday, September 16, 2017





Columbus Blue Jackets: Jordan Schroeder’s Prime Opportunity

The Columbus Blue Jackets have an interesting story line developing in training camp. There are 8-10 players that could make a serious run at a roster spot.

One player in particular sees the opportunity in front of him and hopes to make this roster for good without having to spend time in the AHL. Thanks to an offseason trade, Jordan Schroeder has a prime opportunity.

Schroeder came to the Blue Jackets in a trade that saw Dante Salituro go to the Minnesota Wild. A veteran of over 100 NHL games, Schroeder has yet to spend a full season in the NHL despite having played for both the Wild and Vancouver Canucks in his career.

Schroeder was kind enough to spend a couple of minutes with us talking about the trade and what opportunity could lie ahead.

As soon as Jordan Schroeder heard he was traded to Columbus,
he knew running was in his future. (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

The Trade

“I was pretty excited about the trade,” Schroeder said. “I’ve never gotten traded before. When I heard it was Columbus, I played for Torts in Vancouver for a little bit. I was kind of hurt all year which was unfortunate but there was some familiarity there. I was excited to move on and go to a place when you know you’re going to get an opportunity to play.”

Schroeder has endured a Torts camp. How does one prepare for such a grueling camp?

“Running. Lots of running. Lots of laps.”, Schroeder said laughing. “I think when I heard the news when I got traded to Columbus I ran out my door and started running two miles.”

He knew what he was in for.

“We know his camps are tough and hard and are demanding. You definitely gotta put in the work over the summer.”

Schroeder’s Prime Opportunity

We then switched to this coming season. The Blue Jackets have some bottom-six spots open. I asked Schroeder if he saw this opportunity in Columbus as one where he could make the roster full-time.

“For sure. I know I’m an NHL player. It’s all about getting that opportunity and taking advantage of it. There’s some holes here. There are opportunities with some guys being injured or haven’t signed. Hopefully that is an opportunity for me to step up and take it.”

He has played over 100 NHL games. How has his time helped him prepare for this potential opportunity?

“The past few years I have grown as a player and more as a person. I’m maturing, getting a little bit older now. Not old, but considered myself getting older. This is my eighth year of pro now. I’ve learned a lot. I know what I have to do on the ice and just go, work hard and use my speed. Because that’s what I bring to the table. I’m going to be myself. I’m going to do what I always do. I’m going to bring a positive energy and a buzz to the locker room that guys need sometimes.”

Keep your eyes on Schroeder during this training camp. He knows how Tortorella wants to play. He brings speed and energy to the lineup that the Blue Jackets certainly need in their bottom-six. Perhaps this is the season he sticks in the NHL full-time. Time will tell.


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