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Published on Friday, March 18, 2016





A Thank You to Brenden Morrow

Longtime NHL forward Brenden Morrow announced his retirement today at an event in Dallas, where he played 13 of his 16 seasons in the league. During that time he served as Dallas Stars captain, went to the Stanley Cup Finals twice and won Olympic Gold with team Canada in 2010.

While his achievements speak for themselves, Morrow was a player that embodied a number of attributes current players strive for.


He showed his commitment to the game and his team, whether it be the Dallas Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins, St. Louis Blues, or Tampa Bay Lightning, on a nightly basis. Morrow was never the player to fall down and not get back up no matter how hard the situation was.

No. 10 suffered his fair share of injuries over the course of his two and a half decade career, but nothing stopped him from playing his game.

Morrow adds punch to the bottom two lines (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

Brenden Morrow totaled 575 points (265G, 310A) in 991 regular season games in the NHL playing for the Stars, Penguins, Blues and Lightning. (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

Morrow’s signature reverse check proves his skill despite being more noted as a tough player in the latter half of his career. It often came into play when he was fighting for a puck in the corner, holding onto possession of the puck with one hand and borderline elbowing his opponent with the other.

That alone proves his commitment to the game and although his time in St. Louis was limited to 71 games, his love of hockey was still very much evident.

Leading By Example

In a similar way, Morrow managed to almost always do the right thing on and off the ice. He was not the kind of guy to ask his teammates to do something he wasn’t willing to do because he realized how important leading by example is.

Morrow recognized that some nights weren’t going in his or his team’s direction, but nonetheless he managed to play the right way. Whether it be delivering a perfectly timed hit on a star player on the other team, or scoring a timely goal late in the game, Brenden Morrow was one of the most accountable players on the ice.


Although his time playing in the NHL has come to an end, Brenden Morrow will be known for his hard work and dedication to the game over the course of nearly two decades. His work in two separate trips to the Stanley Cup Finals fifteen years apart, once in 2000 with the Stars and the other last year with the Lightning, will forever be remembered.

His trip to the Vancouver Olympics as a member of Team Canada six years ago cemented him in history as a Gold Medalist and is arguably his greatest accomplishment in hockey.

Morrow’s ability to be a presence on the ice, despite not necessarily having the most skill or being the best skater, was felt in all of 991 games and no longer being able to watch him will undoubtedly be tough.

Although his playing career has come to an end, Brenden Morrow will continue to be a role model for hockey players for many years to come. For that everyone can be forever grateful.

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