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Published on Wednesday, February 15, 2017





Golden Knights: “Bold In Gold”

The Vegas Golden Knights have a strong name which speaks towards camaraderie, honor, and hard work. They have had their grand logo reveal although it included some laugh inducing set-backs. Many media members and fans thought that the event would include a uniform reveal and were left disappointed when it was only the name and a set of logos.

The Knights have begun selling t-shirts, hats, flags and other types of merchandise. They officially have a new home in T-Mobile Arena right on the Vegas Strip that was designed from the ground up to house an NHL franchise. There’s a couple of things the Knights do not have as of right now, before they’re officially an NHL franchise – a roster and a sharp set of jerseys.

A Team Without a Uniform

Las Vegas NHL

T-Mobile Arena, the home of the Vegas Golden Knights.

An NHL franchise’s lifeblood and identity is communicated by the team’s sweater and uniform concept. A jersey conveys a message, a theme, a story, a history. While the Golden Knights’ narrative remains just a prologue, the canvas is blank and a strong commanding jersey would be a great start to chapter one.

The Knights started working with Adidas as soon as management got word that the NHL’s Board of Governors were awarding Vegas with an NHL franchise. With this jersey being the first official foray into the NHL by Adidas Hockey, it’s unlikely they’ll allow it to be bland and it’ll likely be something that stands out from the crowd. They’ve gone through many concepts including logos and jerseys and that process will remain ongoing until the final official reveal.

The team already has three logos that were unveiled during the team reveal event. The primary logo has a golden helmet with a striking “V” through the eyes to represent Vegas. The logo is one of the best in the league and seems to draw inspiration from the classic Hartford Whalers logo with its use of negative space.

The secondary logo is a pair of crossed swords in a star formation that is an obvious nod towards the infamous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada sign.

The final logo during the event was a black and gold word-mark that simply reads Vegas Golden Knights. Based on the already revealed color-scheme, the uniforms and jerseys  color scheme will be predominately black and gold with a secondary color of Vegas red.

Golden Knights Jerseys Are Nearly Finalized

Bill Foley, owner of the Golden Knights, confirmed that their jerseys are now completely designed, but undergoing some minor alterations on numbers and lettering. Foley expects the Golden Knights threads to be completely finalized and ready for sale by the time the NHL Expansion Draft rolls around, which is scheduled for June 18-20, 2017. Fans will be able to purchase their jerseys at the Expansion Draft party which will be announced at a later date. Foley also plans for the team’s away white jersey to be more “striking” than the home sweater.

Foley recently joined the Vegas Hockey Hotline on local AM radio in Vegas with Brian Blessing and Dana Lane and they discussed a slew of topics. The team’s jerseys were addressed during the interview. They covered many other great topics as well such as expansion draft strategy, an update on the construction of the team’s practice facility, the potential of trading before the Expansion Draft, and more. You can tune in via the link in Brian Blessing’s tweet, and reading Keith Scheessele’s piece on Vegas’ Expansion Draft Strategy. 

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