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Published on Wednesday, November 1, 2017





A Visit to a Dallas Stars Viewing Party

It seemed like a typical Friday night at Snuffers in Highland Village, Texas. There wasn’t a seat available at the bar as patrons chatted about the end of another work week, the movies playing next door at the AMC and the local sports scene. Making the customers’ favorite drinks from behind the bar was Kristina with her glowing smile and cheerful demeanor.

Regulars at Snuffers are like the regulars from Cheers (if you’re old enough to appreciate the classic). A few even have their names engraved in the bar to designate “their seat.” Instead of Norm and Cliff, they have the Texan duo, Kenny and Ferris. One will tell you stories about the original Friday Night Lights team from Odessa, Texas while the other is the Scotty Bowman of archery coaches.

On this night, the two Snuffers legends had already left for the evening, but the bar is also a Dallas Stars Watching Party venue and the game was on.

Stars Memories

Another regular with his own seat is Aaron, a west coast transplant who relocated to Texas after graduating high school. When the Stars realigned in Dallas from Minnesota, Aaron attended the Stars’ first practice in Dallas. He spotted Mike Modano on his way into the practice facility and said,”Mike Modano, USA hockey!” Modano talked with him briefly and he was hooked. The next day he started a job at the arena gift store. His favorite Star at the moment is Jamie Benn.

Next, is Michael, dad of Alex, a former Snuffers bartender and an avid Stars fan. Michael reminisced about dealing cards at Brad Richards’ Casino night charity events. One night, while visiting a friend’s bar, Michael was lucky enough to rub elbows with former Stars legend Ed Belfour. Michael’s favorite Stars are Antoine Roussel and Jamie Benn.

Michael’s wife, Teri keeps him honest on all the Stars stats and waiver wire moves. She is from Nebraska and has family in Kansas City. Teri remembers attending a Minnesota North Stars practice in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Her all-time favorite Star is Marty Turco, and she finds one of the newest Stars, Alexander Radulov interesting. On this prophetic night, Radulov scored the game-winning goal in the Stars’ 2-1 victory over the Calgary Flames.

Anniversary, Seguin Suite and Deep-Fried Oreo’s

Sally was hoping to celebrate her wedding anniversary at the Stars’ opener against Las Vegas, but a work trip took her out of town and she had to change plans. Her husband Micah is impressed by Tyler Seguin but says, “He’s still no Mike Modano.” Micah and his partners run the Komodo Loco restaurant in Denton, Texas. Maybe we can talk him into hosting some Stars watching parties. I recommend the chicken skins appetizer.

Another fan who appreciates Seguin is Rick. He is confined to a wheelchair and has been a guest in Seguin’s luxury suite which hosts fans with spinal cord injuries at every home game. Rick explained that after each game Stars staff members escort the guests down towards the locker room where a player or two will sign autographs after a game. He remembered one night when the player had a bad game and started walking away without signing but stopped himself and turned back. The player confessed he had a tough night but said their courage inspired him.

In conclusion, if you can’t make it to a game at the American Airlines Center and you’re looking for a place to watch the Stars, go to Snuffers in Highland Village. Heck, they just added deep-fried Oreo’s to the menu. What could be better?


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