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Published on Tuesday, March 17, 2015





P.K. Subban Honored by GTHL

The Montreal Canadiens are closing in on a great season.  P.K. Subban has been one of the contributing factor to the Habs’ success this season.

Before the season is even finished, P.K. Subban has received his first accolade of the season. The GTHL announced that the 20 Midget AAA teams participating in the 2015 OHL cup will be divided in four divisions.

The Nash, Lindros, Shanahan, and Subban divisions.

The Subban division will include:

Ottawa Valley Titans (OEMHL Champions)
York Simcoe Express (OMHA Championship Silver)
Kitchener Jr. Rangers (ALLIANCE Semi-Final Series Winner)
Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL Semi-Finalist)

And a wild card team to be determined at the time of this writing.

This must be quite an honor for Subban who has been chosen among other alumni of the GTHL turned NHL Superstars. Some of them named Hall, Seguin, Stamkos, and Tavares.

Subban is Taking His Role Seriously

In an interview with the Toronto Star in July 2014, Subban stated that it was important to him to be a role model for young hockey players, especially kids whose parents were born outside of Canada:

I also have a chance to change who plays this game. I know where I’m from, my parents didn’t grow up in Canada, they moved here from the Caribbean. I didn’t always understand what I could accomplish. It was only when I got to the NHL and people said to me, not ”You’re a great hockey player” but ”You’re an inspiration. An inspiration to me, an inspiration to my kids.” People from all different races, backgrounds and cultures.


Subban has used his fame and fortune on multiple occasions to inspire young hockey players. Many of you will remember Subban’s video that went viral over the holidays. Subban, dressed as an old security guard, surprised kids with brand new hockey gear and Canadiens jerseys.

Half of one of the league’s most dominant defense pairings, P.K. Subban is having his best 82 game season. He is second on his team in scoring and third in NHL defenseman scoring at 51 one points. 2 points behind his 82-game best of 53.

Playing more than ever, Subban’s ice time has gone up by almost two full minutes to 26:12 minutes per game on average. He also eclipsed his carer +/- best of 12. He is a +16 with 12 games to play.

The GTHL naming a division after him may just be the first of many accolades coming Subban’s way this year.

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